Chinatown Wars

Controller Support

Yes, GTA: Chinatown Wars has MFi controller support!

GTA: Chinatown Wars on iOS does support controllers and is compatible with the MFI standard.

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Summary & Rating

Huang is a spoiled rich kid who expects everything to run smoothly, but his trip does not go exactly as planned.

Built specifically for portable devices, the groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has been updated for iOS devices to provide an enhanced and more immersive experience.

Universal App! Play on all your supported iOS devices* - Full Retina Display resolution support - Support for MFi controllers - Updated, highly customizable touchscreen controls - Epic storyline with tons of side-missions, addictive mini-games and hidden collectibles - Choose from five radio stations or create your own with custom playlist support** Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese.

To listen to your own music library in-game, create a playlist titled "GTA" in iTunes, sync your iOS device and select the "Independence FM" radio station while playing.

GTA: Chinatown Wars supports MFi controllers.


Price Development

Go ahead! The price is on it's normal level.

MFi Controller Button Mappings

Switch Weapons
Weapon Select
Switch Weapons
Enter Vehicle
Position Camera
Lock Target

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last month
But the Vice City ( ) game is the best.

last month
But the Vice City ( game is the best.

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September 2021
Huang Lee is a tragic character like Niko Bellic, the only difference is Huang was already a rich kid in Hong Kong and never worked too hard in his life, he came to LC just to do a favor. But you need to think about it, all of the people in his life, or betrayed him, or dead, his father was killed by his uncle, the only person that he respected in the game, and his uncle was the one who set him up at the airport and the reason to all of the shit he's been through, but he didn't even know it until the last mission says in GTA IV, at least if you choose revenge ending, Roman is still alive and Niko still has a family. But what about Huang? He ended up alone, no family, no friend

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