Heroes of Loot 2

Controller Support

Yes, Heroes of Loot 2 has MFi controller support!

Heroes of Loot 2 on iOS does support controllers and is compatible with the MFI standard.

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Summary & Rating

These problems range from simple "Find a key" to "Use magic powers to light all magic candles and open the magical gate".

The Elf shoots his arrows through multiple monsters, the Wizard has unlimited magic, the Warrior has a powerful melee attack with his hammer, and the Valkyrie besides having a quick spinning-melee attack can also detect secrets and important loot.

This includes magic spells! Secrets - Find secret rooms, level-skipping teleports, secret items, and more! Perma-items - You will be able to unlock magic spells by collecting 4 shards of various magic books.

Once all shards are collected the magic is unlocked.

Heroes of Loot 2 supports MFi controllers.