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Sorry, MADDEN NFL MOBILE FOOTBALL has no MFi controller support!

MADDEN NFL MOBILE FOOTBALL on iOS does not support controllers and is incompatible with the MFI standard.

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Summary & Rating

Choose the combinations of player cards that fit your playstyle while maximizing your team's chemistry.

Plus, earn an Elite player by winning the Super Bowl before the clock runs out.

AMPLIFY YOUR GAME IN LIVE EVENTS Quickly improve your skills when you run through new Live Event mini games.

HIT THE FIELD LIKE NEVER BEFORE With a fresh engine and broadcast-style presentation, Madden NFL Overdrive delivers incredible gameplay depth and signature player animations - run, tackle, and pass the ball fluidly with real-time physics.


Price Development

Go ahead! The price is on it's normal level.
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May 2020
It does have controller support

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