NBA 2K20

Controller Support

Yes, NBA 2K20 has MFi controller support!

NBA 2K20 on iOS does support controllers and is compatible with the MFI standard.

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June 2020
Can you guys allow controllers to be used and can y’all make the graphics a lot better and can you make it to where we can play online the the park with xbox

May 2020
I’m using my PS4 Controller for NBA 2k20 mobile on my ipad.
I works perfectly well, except when I want to play in multiplayer mode through “Game Center”. In local network it works but in Game Center not.
Any one can support on this

April 2020
When playing 2K20 with a physical controller , how does it work for quick games with friends invited in multiplayer?
July 2020
I need the answer too.. can someone please help with this? I can’t play with my brother, we both have controllers connected with our phones. Once we get into the game, the controller stops working and the touch option only works

January 2020
I bought a Gamevice controller for my iPad gen 5 which is using iPadOS 13.3. I have used this controller for a long time and on nba 2K20 Mobile my career My player always has a green thing around him which doesn’t let me play my own defense and doesn’t let me control my player on defense. Does anyone know what to do, it’s very frustrating.

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