Neon Chrome

Controller Support

Yes, Neon Chrome has MFi controller support!

Neon Chrome on iOS does support controllers and is compatible with the MFI standard.

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Summary & Rating

Get This Now: TouchArcade 5/5 9/10 4.5/5 Neon Chrome is an infinite twin-stick top-down shooter with procedurally generated levels and destructible environment.

Choose your character, enter the elevator and try to bring down the Overseer - again and again.

Neon Chrome is an endless symphony of fight, die, improve and repeat - many players have over 100 hours logged! Neon Chrome is high end game filled with massive explosions, destructible environment, countless bullets and rich AI behavior.

Procedurally generated levels - true endless replayability - Completely destructible environment - Persistent RPG-like character development using loot from your runs - Enemies ranging from security guards to massive boss hover tanks - Perk system in the form of cybernetic enhancements - Discover.

Neon Chrome supports MFi controllers.