Pixel Machines

Controller Support

Yes, Pixel Machines has MFi controller support!

Pixel Machines on iOS does support controllers and is compatible with the MFI standard.

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Summary & Rating

Drive your tiny cars over tabletops, stoves, pianos, and more! Play against your friends online or through challenges and prove who's best! FEATURES: - Top down, retro style racing game - Play local multiplayer using an MFI controller with up to 8 friends friends - Not exactly a couch person? Play online or challenge the planet by completing races and climbing the leaderboards, saving your ghost for others to play against - Fun tracks with many pitfalls, obstacles and dangerous objects - Tournament play against bots, or go head to head against other players - Leaderboards and Achievements galore! - Fast! Even on older devices.

You can feel the car exploding! - ReplayKit support to share those moments.

Pixel Machines supports MFi controllers.