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February 2021
This site needs more traffic. Come on ppl

November 2020
When do you think injustice 2 will have controller capability I hope soon cause it would make the game a whole lot cooler. #

October 2020
Tengo el Razer Kishi y soy un gran fanático de call of duty. Ha pesar de que es un gamepad oficial de apple no es reconocible por el juego. Conectó solo una vez y no volvió a conectar. A alguien mas le pasa lo mismo?

October 2020
Hola, me he vuelto loco buscando una página como esta desde que me compre el mando Razer Kishi. Muchas gracias por el gran aporte que están haciendo a la gran y limitada plataforma de Apple.

October 2020
Can I play fortnite with a controller on a ipad

October 2020
does the controller work for genshin impact for the iphone 11?
October 2020
Currently no mfi support for Genshin Impact on iOS - huge bummer but adding it seems likely based on their response to controller support queries.

September 2020
does the controller work for genshin impact for the phone galaxy s9
December 2020
No it doesn’t

June 2020
Sky children of light has added controller support
I would HIGHLY recommend due to its (beautiful graphics, amazing story telling, and wonderful sound atmosphere

March 2020
I need... Need for speed no limits to be updated to controller support

November 2019
Call of duty mobile has just been updated with controller support. But it only works in game while playing not for navigating menu. Be sure to add it though

November 2019
Goo legend has controller support
November 2019
*limited controller support

November 2019
Ski Safari 2 working with controllers :)

November 2019
Is the iOS version of Ditto the same as the consoles? I know there was an free expansion for the game over the summer.

October 2019
Hi. I just want to inform that my game, and my new incoming are, are MFI compatible and of course Xbox/PS4 compatible with iOS 13. Regards.

October 2019
The Swords of Ditto by Devolver had MFi support!
@janoelze staff
October 2019
October 2019
had = has

August 2019
I see devolver digital’s GRIS is out for iOS
Do You know if It is Mfi compatible?
Best regards

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