Hello, iOS13!

The day has come! Today iOS13 released bringing the long-awaited support for Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Yes – you just got a free controller for your iPhone or iPad!

This might surprise you, but a small but dedicated community of iOS gamers has been using controllers for years. There were a few controllers available that – using Apple's MFi standard - could connect to iOS devices. Some were quite good, some not so much.

So with PS and Xbox controllers entering the stage people are excited about being able to use high-quality mainstream controllers with their iPhones. Why are we telling you this? Well, there's years worth of game releases that support controllers and some are all-time classics you should consider checking out.

We think these collections are good starting points:

Here's how you connect your controller:

  • Setup your PS4 controller: Hold the PS and Share buttons until the top light starts flashing. Go to Bluetooth settings on your iPhone or iPad and look for your PS controller, it's most likely be named "DualShock 4". Tap it and you're set.

  • Setup your Xbox One controller: Hold the Connect button on top of your controller for 3 seconds. In your iPhones or iPads Bluetooth settings look for a device called "Xbox Wireless Controller". Tap it to connect. Congratulations!

Here's a shortlist of our recommendations


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November 2019
You should add Minecraft to the list
@kanni staff
November 2019
You're probably right :D

September 2019
Add to list : CoD Mobile please
October 2019
CoS mobile does not support Bluetooth controllers
3 weeks ago
Yes it does. Update Feb 2020

September 2019
how can i see battery of ds4 on my ipad ?
September 2019
Battery widget. Appstore still doesn't show which games have controller support except for Apple Arcade. Too bad

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