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Last Day on Earth: Survival
By Andrey Pryakhin


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July 2020
The support for PS4 controller it’s very limited. I’ve updated the app to the most recent version so it’s a lack of support. It only allows you to move, activate auto mode, dock and attack. All of this with odd setting cause in the case of PS4 controller the option button stands for attack, left arrow enables auto mode and up arrow docks. It makes no sense. Westland Survival witch it’s obviously based on this game does it perfectly.
3 weeks ago
How did you get anything to work? I can only move my character...

February 2020
Controller support only four walking. Can’t pick up anything or do anything else with the controller, so, basically, this game DOES NOT have controller support.
April 2020
I had the same issue.. I wish they could help or do something about it. I have a s9 and a ps4 dual shock controller.

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