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The features of WhatsApp Red may vary depending on the specific version and developer who created it. However, some common features of such modified versions of WhatsApp may include:

Custom themes and colors
Advanced privacy features
Ability to send larger files
Enhanced customization options
Hidden features such as hiding "last seen" status or read receipts
Again, it's important to exercise caution when using such modified versions of WhatsApp, as they may pose a risk to the security and privacy of your messages and personal information. It's always recommended to use the official version of WhatsApp for the safest and most secure experience.

April 2022
Send the game file to my WhatsApp MiNi ( ) application. I want to play the game now...

October 2021
Same here, the ps4 controller is not recognized by the asphalt 8 game ,on pc version, on ios and Android yes!

August 2021
Hi I connected my ps4 controller to the pc and it worked in settings but i went into asphalt and only the mouse was working not the controller i could not drive with the controller either because evrytime i pressed a button nothing happened

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