Hill Climb Racing 2

Controller Support

Sorry, Hill Climb Racing 2 has no MFi controller support!

Hill Climb Racing 2 on iOS does not support controllers and is incompatible with the MFI standard.

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April 2022
Cheat detectado

June 2019
A tragedy, really. This is the #2 grossing app on Android. People play it a ton. I have played it with PS3 sixaxis gamepad on my rooted tablet with SixAxis app (paid). That works great. With a PS4 gamepad on my Galaxy S9, the circle button does something but no other buttons do anything (it acts like the pause button). I don't think any apps can do touch emulation without root, which really stinks. Between Fingersoft and Google, they must really hate gamepads or are just lazy turds.
@kanni staff
June 2019
It's astonishing how many games still do not support controllers. In this day and age it is REALLY trivial to implement controller support. I mean, it's even possible to use controllers on websites.

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