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So, a few months ago we started building an app for this site. It came together nicely and we we're excited to offer you features like native notifications for sales, one-click account creation, all that jazz. We kind of expected the AppStore review/approval process to get tricky: Our app's main use case would be browsing lists of game apps. You could say it's a … store front for apps. An app store if you will.

If you're interested in AppStore politics you likely know, that Apple is very protective about the AppStore and it's function on your phone and does not allow apps to get too close to what the AppStore does. After two rejected resubmissions we decided to get back to the drawing board, grab it and throw it out of the window.

So, yes, Apple rejected the app, but you can still get on your iPhone.

We invested some time in making PWA-ready. That means, that you can now tap the “Share“ icon and hit “Add to Homescreen” to create a shortcut to that looks and behaves like any other app. See the guide below, if you need help.

Installation Guide

  1. Tap "Share" in your Browser
  2. Tap "Add to Homescreen"
  3. After tapping "Add" in the top-right, you're set!

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June 2022
This post will definitely be helpful.

December 2019

December 2019
I'm trying sign in via google but nothing happen after the authentication. The sign in via email work normally but all my wish list was on the google account.
December 2019
That's all allright now! Thankyou!

July 2019
Thanks it works really well and looks great in my gaming folder!

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