Vendetta Online

Controller Support

Yes, Vendetta Online has MFi controller support!

Vendetta Online on iOS does support controllers and is compatible with the MFI standard.

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Summary & Rating

Support for multiple platforms across desktop and mobile, all of which play together in a single unified game world.

The game supports Extended MFi game controllers, and features cross-platform voice chat, as well as voice-recognition text chat for hands-free typing, text-to-speech for reading mission and other game updates, and many other features.

Although the game can be played quite casually, this is a "Real" PC-grade MMORPG, and is not a watered-down "Mobile" game experience.

The game is updated frequently, usually every week or two, with the developers and userbase actively discussing the future of the game on the Vendetta Online forums.

Vendetta Online supports MFi controllers.


Price Development

Go ahead! The price is on it's normal level.

MFi Controller Button Mappings

Select nearestenemy
Strafe Up
Select Next
Strafe Down
Accelerate esForward/Reverse
Mission Log
Rotate Clockwise
Fire Primary Weapon
Rotate CounterClockwise
Fire SecondaryWeapon

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