Mobile Legends:
Bang Bang

Controller Support

Yes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has MFi controller support!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on iOS does support controllers and is compatible with the MFI standard.

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4 weeks ago
I bought a razor kishi for mobile legends and I can’t get it working .. I don’t know does mobile legends support this controller??

last month
Hi, I bought a Razer Kishi Android to play Mobile Legends BB, but it doesn't seems to work. Any advise? Thank you.

last month
Is there any updated information on this topic? I have purchased PXN speedy (MFI) but I cant find up-to date any information anywhere about it! Helppppppp ?

April 2021
How to connect the controller with the game?
I have the backbone controller

April 2021
Mobile legends banned octopus. Only download it if your gonna smurf, don't sign in with it, don't risk getting your account deleted.
April 2021
You can buy some apps for your phone, there's a pc one, I don't know if they banned that one too. Just be aware that mobile bans these things.

December 2020
I have a GameSir t4 pro and I’m having problems finding the software for MLBB on iOS can anyone help?
January 2021
Same here but try Octopus then download keymapper Panda Gamepad Pro

November 2020
I have an 8bitdo sn30 pro that functions and is identified as a PS4 controller, but no luck. Also can’t anything regarding controller configurations in the game settings at all.

Anyway to change the controller status on this?

September 2020
Yeah I'd like to have this game verified as well. Which controllers are supported? Xbox Elite V2 doesn't seem to work on iOS 14. Quite a few other comments asking how this works. Seems like it could have been entered incorrectly as working when it seems like it's only working on Android with additional apps. Not native support.

September 2020
Anyone found a way yet ?

July 2020
Yeah I don’t see how you connect your Xbox controller to mobile legends....... Apparently I’m not the only one lol

March 2020
Thus far I don’t see any NATIVE controller support for this game
June 2020
Same here, I’m wondering how another people playing and sharing it now.

February 2020
How do u turn on settings to use controller for this game? Cant seem to work with xbox one S controller
June 2020
Yea, has anyone knows how to connect the controller to this game ?

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