Play, die, rage, repeat

Roguelikes and Roguelites with Controller Support

There are Rougelikes and Rougelites on iOS in various types of gameplay, be it classic dungeon crawler, turn based combat, puzzle, or RPG. They all have one thing in common: if you die, you have to start over from the beginning.
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@kanni staff
August 2019
Added Rouge Legacy to the list!

@kanni staff
July 2019
Did I miss any good rougelikes/rougelites in this list? Has anyone played one or more of these games? How did you like them?
March 2021
Most of these aren't true Roguelike except Tallowmere. Dead Cells a little and Rogue Legacy. The rest may be a tad roguelike but no even labeled such by their devs.

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